The Milestone Hackers Podcast

What Can you Expect From The Milestone Hackers Podcast?

A host (meee), Paolo interviewing various types of entrepreneurs or founders both technical and non-technical. Each entrepreneur has their own unique story that resulted in learning or experiencing something that can benefit the audience who may be in a similiar position!

The format of each episode is approximatley 30 minutes in length and episodes are released every Tuesday. I am really trying to have a conversational feel when interviewing guests, and tyring to really dive into their journey.

The show is a new venture but I am sure there are tons of things I can improve on, but I need your help in identifying the things that you hear or would like to hear me speak about. If you have any interest in hearing from a guest plese do email me and I will try my best to have that particular guest on

Lastly, I hope this podcast will spark your creativity, perhaps push you to new levels of success all the while becoming a better version of yourseof and myselft frankly along the way!